For years, British business owners have had to put up with mediocre accountants who charge the earth and deliver very little. Not anymore.

So, you want to know more about TaxGo?

We’re more than just a website offering you a very cost effective accountancy and tax filing service. You’d be forgiven for thinking that, however, seeing as it’s what we do so well!

Although a member firm of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales – we’re Chartered Accountants with a difference!

How did TaxGo come about?

In 2016, the directors of d&t and Tayabali Tomlin (two multi-award winning firms of Chartered Accountants) met to discuss how accountancy can be revitalised for the 21st Century. Most firms had adopted online accounting, but just squeezed it into the way that they’ve always done things. And increased their prices.

So, TaxGo was formed, with the mission of providing 21st Century Accounting at 1950’s Prices.

We didn’t just bolt on new technology to our old way of doing things. We didn’t just pretend to be “modern” and “proactive” whilst still just hiding behind an abacus. Instead, we rebuilt our systems and processes from the ground up. We invested in a bespoke customer onboarding and management system, developed new processes for working using the latest technology, and recruited the dedicated #TeamTaxGo to make our vision a reality.

Who are the founders behind TaxGo?

As mentioned above, both d&t and Tayabali Tomlin are multi award winning practices, who have swept up various awards for the ways that they have innovated. In fact, not only have they won the awards, directors of both firms have been appointed as judges of the industry awards. Also, the firms both regularly contribute at accounting conferences, providing keynote speakers and panellists to share how accountancy should be done in today’s world.

d&t are the UK’s leading franchise accounting firm. They look after thousands of franchise locations across the UK, and have developed their unique Franchise Dashboard tool to help franchise networks improve their efficiency and profitability. They have extensive experience of scaling an accounting firm, and bring this expertise to the TaxGo table.

Tayabali Tomlin specialises in helping business owners design successful companies that grow profitably. They want to enable the UK small business community to thrive (not just survive) through innovative accounting solutions, inspirational advice and powerful connections. Named as one of the World’s Most Inspiring Accountants, they were also awarded Best Advisers to Small Business in the UK at the end of 2016. They’ve also been awarded the UKs Most Innovative Accounting Firm, for the past three years, for the way they do business.

Amy Hayes – the head of Getting Stuff Done

Much like a conductor, Amy brings all the strings of the TaxGo team together in perfect harmony! Amy wears many hats each day, from logistics to marketing, onboarding to after-sales, but all are equally important to keep the TaxGo machine ticking along smoothly.

Aynsley Damery – the charming Irishman

Aynsley is the man who can charm anyone with a pulse – and have them living and breathing TaxGo! Responsible for strategic partnerships, Aynsley has been responsible for lining up deals with the biggest corporates and the most innovative startups. He also shares the job of defining TaxGo’s strategy with Carl.

Ben Herbert – the operations guy

If any word can sum up Ben, it’s detail. There’s not a stone unturned in any process that Ben is involved in. From customer onboarding to tax filing technology, he doesn’t just kick the tyres – he designs them, pumps them up and takes them on a long road trip. He lives and breathes systems to make the lives of small businesses better.

Carl Reader – the z-list business “celeb”

Carl likes the sound of his own voice – he gets his words in print, on the radio and on the telly. He’s an international keynote speaker, a City AM Top 100 entrepreneur, and a recognised social media influencer; and is passionate about spreading the TaxGo word. He shares the role of defining the strategy for TaxGo alongside Aynsley as well!

Ceri McQueen – the head of Getting Stuff Organised

The lady who keeps us all in check, nothing gets passed our gate keeper Ceri. Whatever you need to be arranged, Ceri will have already sorted for you yesterday. She’s known as #SuperCeri to anyone who has worked with her as an Executive Assistant, and she certainly uses her super powers for TaxGo.

Jack Hayes – the meeter and greeter

Ice hockey superstar Jack is the front face of TaxGo at exhibitions and roadshows across the country. And… he’s not just a pretty face. When he’s not travelling or skating, he’s studying hard to become a fully qualified accountant.

Mark O Grady – the techie

If there’s something that can be done on a computer, Mark is the guy to break it and do it better. He has literally re-written the rulebook on tax advice, winning the Intuit Quickbooks hackathon with his tax planning technology. And he continues to devote his time to helping small businesses suffer less pain from the taxman.

Robin Waite – the face of facebook

Most people have vices such as cigarettes, alcohol, or worse. Robin’s vice is clicks. He knows how to play the Facebook system and get you guys to learn about TaxGo. It was worth it, wasn’t it! 🙂

Sophia Maynell – the numbers lady

Sophia is the Finance Director for TaxGo, making sure that the bills are paid and that our own numbers all add up. With an illustrious career helping businesses large and small, including a stint at PWC, it’s clear that she’s the right lady for the role (and it goes without saying that, like all co-founders, she’s a Chartered Accountant).

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